Aggressive Marketing Strategy for Fantasy IPL 2021

Aggressive Marketing Strategy for Fantasy IPL 2021

Marketing is the only source to tell the targeted audience about your brand and product. For each type of industry whether its cosmetic industry, sports equipment industry, or fantasy sports platform, marketing is necessary. All the fantasy sports platforms in India have started their preparation for the 14th edition of IPL.

IPL 2021 is a golden opportunity for all whether it is investors or fantasy sports fans. Due to the popularity of fantasy sports in India, all the fantasy sports platforms take advantage and promote their platform with different marketing strategies. For marketing and advertising, fantasy platform operators are investing huge money to make it successful.

From hiring brand ambassadors to creating campaigns, they are trying all the marketing strategies for the Fantasy IPL promotions.

Few marketing methods for IPL 2021

Marketing with IPL streaming platform – What will be the best platform to reach out to the maximum sports fans? A sports streaming platform. Through branding, you just turn the sports viewers into fantasy users. Many fantasy operators are collaborating and co-sponsoring the IPL 2021 streaming. The live sports streaming platforms like Hostar+ and Star Sports have maximum loyal sports fans compared to other platforms. Advertising about the Fantasy League is the best way to target maximum cricket fans. Why a sports fan will miss a chance of experiencing the real feel of playing IPL on the fantasy platform.

Collaboration with IPL Teams – Fantasy Sports Platforms are collaborating with the real teams to promote Fantasy League on their platforms. The promotion from the IPL teams like KKR, Mumbai Indians, and others encourages their own followers to participate in fantasy cricket on the respective platform. Team fans believe their favorite teams more and trust the following brands more. The reach of these types of marketing and advertising is not only domestic, goes beyond as the IPL teams have overseas players too. Fantasy Platforms like Royal11 collaborate with domestic and international teams to build trust among fantasy sports users.

Marketing by hiring ambassadors – Hiring brand ambassadors is one of the most successful ways of marketing in all types of industries. In IPL 2021, platforms like Royal11 are hiring popular cricketers for the promotion of Fantasy IPL 2021. Fans trust their favorite players more. Also, the cricketers have a huge fan following both in India and overseas. The audience can connect more with the celebrity on an emotional level and get convenience easily to give the brand a shot.

Social Media Where do we spend most of the time? Social Media is not only an entertainment source, it is the biggest platform to promote your brand or product. It is an evergreen method to personally connect with your audience. Many fantasy platforms like Royal11, even use social media to improve the user experience by communicating with their users. A user can only tell about the loopholes and improvements in your fantasy platform. An honest review will help you to build the best and fast space for all the fantasy sports fans to enjoy multiple contests. Fantasy sports platforms can release entertaining yet informative content on their social media pages in the form of images and videos.

Organizing Campaigns You can organize different campaigns for the promotion of the Fantasy Premier League. Many fantasy operators are organizing small campaigns like “Match Khelo or Jeeto” and offering huge rewards to the winners. For Fantasy Premier League, the fantasy platforms should organize campaigns, targeting cricket fans. Keep one niche while organizing such campaigns, because the campaign you are organizing should be relevant to the audience to connect and then take a call to action.

New Updates/ Features – Adding new features and technology on the fantasy sports platform also promotes your business. Introduce personalized features like one-to-one chat introduction with your like-minded cricket enthusiast or participating in multiple contests at once. The more personalized experience you will give, the more it will attract fantasy users. The user experience also promotes mouth-to-mouth marketing. If one user is finding your fantasy platform interesting and easy to use, he/she will surely be going to tell you about your platform to his friends and family members. After all, we as humans never forget to share our best and worst experiences with any product, brand, or platform. This type of marketing acquires more audience.

Affiliate Marketing In the past few years affiliate marketing has become a popular and efficient marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing is not only beneficial for fantasy platforms but also for affiliate marketers. On each sale and download of the fantasy application, the affiliate marketers earn a commission. Fantasy Platform operators can create affiliate programs and offer good commissions to attract many marketers. Fantasy Sports platforms can increase their reach to a large audience through affiliate marketing.

Final Words

To promote Fantasy IPL 2021, fantasy platforms are trying different marketing strategies. Marketing and advertising are the way to reach out to the targeted audience.

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