Pros And Cons Of Going Commando

Have you ever heard about someone going commando? It is general knowledge if you do, but if you don’t; going commando is nothing to do with soldiers rather, it is when people prefer to walk without their underwear. The style has gained a lot of momentum in the last few years but it came to the lime light when celebrities starting walking down the red carpet of popular award ceremonies without their intimate apparel. Though, it was female celebrities on the red carpet, many men (common people) are all happy and comfortable without their men’s underwear. This article throws some light on the various aspects of going commando.

Let us look at the pros of roaming around without men’s underclothing.


1. Comfort: This is one of the biggest reasons that men stop wearing their apparel styles and prefer to go without them. According to various men who go commando, comfort is the basic feature or feeling that keeps you going. They believe that having nothing down there is the most comfortable feeling rather than having some fabric.

2. No underwear lines: The next reason that they support their answer with is that when there’s no underwear; there’ll be no underwear lines that are common in styles such as men’s briefs or male bikini underwear.

Having talked about the various advantages (according to men), the following are the disadvantages of the same.


1. Stains: Starting from the practical as well as visible ones, sweat stains are the most embarrassing disadvantage of not wearing anything underneath the pants. It is the same situation that happens with the armpits when you abstain from wearing a vest. A solution to this can be apparel styles such as mens pouch enhancing thong or g-string that are comfortable, barely there and functional as well. Made with high quality fabrics, they possess characteristic traits like sweat absorbency, exceptional moisture wicking features and more that save you from the embarrassment.

2. Chafing: Though it might not be visible to people outside, but chafing can be a lot of trouble down there. The constant rubbing of the trousers with the sensitive shaft skin causes rashes and tiny red marks in the groin area. Eventually, red marks increase and men may undergo severe pain down there.

3. Infection: One of the most common ailments related to no-underpants is the infection. Germs procreate in areas that are sweaty, unclean and dirty. However, men can go commando during the night time to let their manhood breathe free. The idea behind it is that underwear is changed every day (practically speaking), but trousers and denims are not changed or washed after every use. Hence, one the body fluid accumulates on the trousers and come in contact with the shaft or the penis. Hence, if you wear an underclothing, you’re less prone to infection in comparison to wear nothing.

4. Saggy body: Why do females wear bras? To support and lift their assets. The same is the case with manhood. The fragile and sensitive part of the male body, manhood needs the help of something that lifts and enhances the visibility. Without anything underneath, manhood would be seen drooling here and there without any support. Apparel styles make sure that you stay firm and the body is perceived to be defined by others.

5. Crotch rot: Crotch rot also known as Tinea Cruris, a very serious skin allergy that is caused because of wet or tight clothes. So, when you wear nothing inside but just the clothes, you sweat and you harm your family treasure. There are various fabrics available in underclothing styles such as nylon, polyamide, polyester and more with moisture wicking qualities that absorb sweat and does not leave your privates wet.

These were the pros and cons of going commando. The decision is still yours because without your efforts, you package would be at risk.

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