Is There Passion Behind Your Brand?

Do you create from the inside out or the outside in? That question applies as much to designing a space as it does to creating your brand because the answer to both is the same. You should build from the inside out. But, like many of our clients who make the mistake of choosing the paint color before anything else, we make the mistake of designing our marketing materials and building our website before we even define the brand. And a brand that connects with people and draws them in starts from the inside, with you and your passion.

Your brand should communicate your passion. When people visit your website, pick up a marketing piece or listen to your greeting on your voicemail, they should sense that passion that is behind what you do. Passion by definition is energy and people are always attracted to that energy. They want to get a piece of it, experience it firsthand.

Think about your passion. What inspires you about design? What moves you and stirs your soul? Get crystal clear on this because once you make that connection and incorporate that into your brand, both clients and prospects take notice. They’ll sense there is something different about your business and they’ll be attracted to working with you.

Your passion is your calling. It’s a reflection of pure alignment between being and purpose. When you see someone living their passion, it is contagious. My son’s music teacher from many years back was a shining example of this. He taught music at the elementary school level which for many music teachers is just a job. But you could tell for him it was so much more. It was an opportunity to share his passion with the world around him. He gave these students so much more than just an appreciation of music because he was living his passion. The kids loved him and wanted to be around him. In sharing his passion with young and old alike, he draw us all in and left us feeling energized and inspired. You could tell what he did was with ease and pure joy. While he didn’t need a “brand” per se, he was a perfect example of how living your passion becomes your brand and draws people in. You said his name and people instantly smiled. That is what you want to create for your business through your brand.

Realize your passion is very much connected to your brand. A brand that stands out and resonates with your ideal client starts from the inside out. It starts with your passion!

Action Steps:

What is your passion? If you find yourself hesitation to answer this or unclear of your answer, take the time to discover what that is. So many times we get so caught up in the day to day that we lose sight of the passion that lies within us. It is still there and always will be; you just need to make the time to connect with it. Make time for the things in your day that allow you to slow down and nurture that passion. Once you have a clear understanding of what you’re passionate about, make sure your brand reflects that passion. As you look through your website and marketing pieces, do you feel connected to the words and pictures? If not, your passion is not coming through. Create a brand that speaks from your heart and is a reflection of your soul. You’ll connect with prospects and clients alike in a very powerful and lasting way.

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