Customer Service Communication Skills Tip – Emotional Intelligence Made Easy

IT is not about the words

Customer Service Communication Skills are the most powerful skills we may have in business. Whether we communicate silently, which is very powerful or verbally, the right thinking will get you further. IT IS NOT ABOUT THE WORDS. It really isn’t. We talk about emotional intelligence being so important in business now. The simplest way I know to build emotional intelligence is not saying a word to our customer. All the preparation that you offer yourself will benefit the customer and yourself.

So What Do I Do?

It is so easy, yet as developing new skills it is difficult, or can be easy. It is your choice. If you don’t try to think about what I am about to tell you, it will be easier. You will be very surprised how easy this works. You can read hundreds of communication skill books, yet I find this one tip easiest to have successful communications with anyone, yes anyone.

It Even Works On My Mother: The Toughest Customer:

Yes, if I can easily communicate with my mother, I know this really works for anyone. It works on every human being, even your most difficult, challenging customer. The customer that makes your work life not end, because of the resentment you may have from your interaction, you take it home with you.

How to use this death defying Technique?

It is death defying because it always works. THE TECHNIQUE IS: Before you talk to any customer, take a second to set your intention. How to set my intention? It is simple. Your intention is a plan. Here is your plan.

Say to yourself,

I am going to understand MR. ________________ and support all his needs.

Another way to say this is:

I know Mrs. _____________ is needing understanding and I am here to contribute to her needs as best I can.

Take a deep breath before you say this death defying act. In fact write these templates down as it will make it easier for you. Before you sit down at your desk or make a presentation, say these words. If you are about to speak to your boss or your employees, use the template. As the phone rings, use the template.

Warm Up Your Emotions, your Emotional Exercises

It is a method to wake up your emotions, to warm them up for any challenges coming. The challenges will be easier to work with. just as we warm up our body for exercises and physical challenges, the same is true for our emotions. These templates are your warm-up exercises. Use them, practice them and guess what, they even work at home with your partners and children.

Your intention will set the way you communicate as your intention will seep through to your customers. This is fun so enjoy your challenging customers

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