Why You Should Not Workout in Sandals

Why You Should Not Workout in Sandals

The reason why many fitness centers require one to wear proper gym apparel is not only to make the gym have a professional look but also to protect the patrons from certain injuries they may get from the seemingly harmless exercises that they do. This is most particular to wearing of sandals as oppose to wearing the appropriate footwear while doing any type of exercise, this does not only apply inside the gym but anywhere else that exercises are done, this includes your home. Here are some reasons why you should not workout in sandals.

The foot can be very vulnerable when exercises and workouts are involved. The conditions that you can come up with just for not wearing a footwear when submitting yourself in an exercise, light or heavy, are very painful and they can vary. The different variation of conditions can run up from the soles, the ankles, the arch, and the calves. Here are some of the dreaded foot conditions that are the long term effects of inappropriate footwear during exercises

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis or spur heel is the inflammation of the plantar fascia, or the thick fibrous muscle that runs from the heel bones to the five toes of the foot. This is characterized by a sensation that feels like a spur got stuck on your heels. Another description goes like picturing you wore a sock with a lot of tacks inside. See how that feels. This condition is common to athletes, particularly runners, people with professions that require them to jump, stand on their feet, or use their feet a lot.

One of the reasons cited for this conditions among these group of people are footwear having inadequate ankle and heel support while working out or just doing their normal routine. Now imagine doing a routine with only a sandal on. Long term misuse of foot apparel while working out can, at best give you plantar fasciitis, at worst can hurt your ankles severely

Medial gastrocnemius strain

Medial gastrocnemius strain is an injury of the calf muscle associated with the muscle being stretched too far. This condition is associated mostly with professionals who overuse their legs, particularly athletes that run all the time. It is also mostly seen with footwear having inadequate support, like poor performance shoes.

Foot and ankle fractures

Working out may require you to run or walk a long time, it may also entail lifting heavy loads of weight. Inadequate foot support that you can get with inappropriate footwear, like poor performance shoes and of course sandals, can lead to foot and ankle fractures, especially when you are engaged in work out exercises.

There are just things that you just can’t to given a particular setting, and there are just some footwear that you can’t wear when you are working out. The effectiveness of your workout will all amount to nothing if you will come up with injuries, most particularly those that can be avoided with just wearing appropriate footwear. Let the above conditions serve as warning why you should not workout wearing sandals.

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