Website Writing – It Doesn’t Take a Marketing Genius to Attract Your Target Market To Your Website

Website Writing – It Doesn’t Take a Marketing Genius to Attract Your Target Market To Your Website

Many small business owners are expert at the services they provide but not so accomplished when it comes to website writing that attracts their target market to a site. Yes, there is massive information available on these topics, but not much that is simple, easy to understand and do, and actually brings business results. Most of the ideas take a techno wizard to execute and you might not even understand the concepts. Here are a few simple ideas that just about anyone can execute that will increase the number of targeted prospect contacts you get from your website.

1) Make it easy for search engines to find and “crawl” your site. When your site is finished, submit your site to the search engines. Since information on search engine submission is ever-changing, you may have to do a little research. Look for current recommendations for submitting your site and recommended sites to submit to.

2) Make the most of keywords, so that your target market can find you in searches. This is a very complex and complicated area that can consume days and weeks of your time – and still leave you in confusion. The best resources I have discovered that demonstrate to me for the first time how to clearly maximize my keywords is a book called “Get to #1 on Google in Easy Steps”. Since I read this book, I understand how to use keywords, and can optimize sites for keywords.

3) Make sure that your website writing is prospect-centric. Describe the prospects you want to attract and the problems and issues they want to solve. You won’t attract your target market by talking about yourself. Realize that site visitors come to your site looking for a solution. If they don’t immediately recognize themselves in your target market description, they’ll click off the site within seconds of landing there. You want them to identify with your content and be nodding their head thinking, “Yep that’s me. Yep, that’s the way this problem hurts me.” That’s the kind of description that will entice them to want to read more pages of your site looking to see if you have the solution they want.

4) Have a clear target market. It’s fairly common for business owners to believe and imagine that EVERYONE Is their target market. Most service providers cling to this fantasy – no matter what – even when it becomes obvious it’s not a financially successful strategy. The reason you are afraid to explicitly target a market is usually an almost desperate fear of losing out on any potential business. When you take this approach though, your target market does not self-identify with your target market description. Your statements are too general and don’t really apply to anyone. There’s no thrill of resonance and recognition.

5) Make sure that your site is easy to navigate and logical in the layout. It’s a mistake to come up with tricky designs that confuse and frustrate. Visitors want clear, simple, sensible site navigation. Don’t make them have to work when they visit your site, or you will quickly lose them.

6) Make sure readers understand the solution you provide and all the benefits that they can expect to get when they select your solution. Don’t make the mistake of using mysterious information or hyping and exaggerating your results. Hypo-o-meters are pretty finely tuned these days. Keep it real.

You don’t have to be a marketing genius to attract visitors to your site. When you are doing website writing to market your services, it takes a mix of simple, logical commonsense strategies.

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