Using Custom Branded Surface Protection to Drive Referrals

Using Custom Branded Surface Protection to Drive Referrals

As homeowners and potential buyers walk through their homes under construction, they can often be surprised at how much dust, debris, and other materials are left on site. For those unfamiliar with construction, this can be a very negative surprise as they like to imagine their new homes as spotless and perfect. However by protecting finishes in a home, builders can avoid this problem altogether, and even impress their clients.

Using surface protection on a project not only helps keep surfaces clean and damage free, it can act as a great advertisement and selling point for potential new customers. By showing a homeowner that you care about protecting the finishes in their home, they are much more likely to refer you for further business.

To best take advantage of these positive referrals, builders can use custom-branded surface protection on their projects. Everything from floors, doors, and tubs to floor vents can be branded and used to positively reflect on the builder or subcontractor on site.

Hardwood floors and other custom flooring work are absolutely necessary to protect with surface protection. Not only are floors the finish that is most susceptible to damage, they are carefully chosen by a homeowner and are very costly to fix and replace. There a few floor protection options that can feature custom builders’ logos. Surface Liner Vapor hardwood floor protection is the leading breathable cloth-based floor protection available and it can be custom printed with pallet quantities, as can RamBoard. Floors are among the most noticeable and visible finishes, so taking the care to protect floors is one of the first things a potential customer will notice.

Although it may seem like a minor fixture relative to expensive granite countertops and custom wooden cabinets, covering new toilets is a method builders have told us consistently impresses homeowners. Using a custom toilet cover such as a Toilet Sheath keeps toilets clean, but most importantly expresses to the customer that the toilet hasn’t been used.

ProVent duct covers are another low cost surface protection product that can be custom made to feature a builder’s company logo. Duct covers are yellow plates that screw onto floor vents using the vent hardware that is already installed. They filter out dust from falling into floor vents. Custom printed duct covers are an increasingly popular method by which large scale commercial builders are using surface protection to impress potential customers.

Not only does surface protection function to prevent damaged finishes it can also be used to advertise for the builder. Using ProVent duct covers or Toilet Sheaths keeps those finishes clean, and also positively represents the builder. A number of surface protection materials can be modified and printed with builders marketing materials on them. Surface Protection materials can be a positive difference maker for residential and custom builders.

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