The Importance of a Positioning Statement for Your Daycare Business

Positioning is the place that you occupy in the minds of your daycare customers. Positioning statement acts as a compass or map, helping you to lead your daycare customers to come to that conclusion through your branding and marketing efforts.

A good positioning statement lets people know about your daycare business, what it stands for and where it is intending to go. It lets your prospects and customers know:
– Who you are
– What sort of business you are running
– Who are you targeting at
– Why your target customers need you
– Who are your competitors
– What’s so special about your daycare business
– What can your customers get by putting their children at your daycare
– What do your customers think about you and your daycare

Before you start developing your positioning statement, you need to ask yourself a few questions to identify your competitive advantage:
– How unique is your daycare services?
– Is it difficult for your competitors to offer the same daycare services?
– Is it what daycare customers really want?
– Is your daycare service offerings in line with market trends?
– Who are your competitors?
– Are your daycare service different or better?
– Will your daycare customers believe you?

Next you need to determine your point of distinction. What is your unique selling proposition? What is your competitive advantage?

Based on the identification of your point of distinction, you can develop your positioning statement consisting of the following:
[Name of your daycare] is a [Description of your business e.g provider of daycare services] providing [Point of distinction] to [target market or description of market description].

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