The Almost Automatic Way to Earn More Money From Your Online Writing Business

I find that working online can have its financial ups and downs. Sometimes my income seems steady, yet other times it can drop dramatically. And it can be hard to understand what’s gone wrong, especially when I haven’t been doing anything differently.

Or maybe that’s the problem.

Any business, online or otherwise, is either growing or dying. So it needs to grow.

So what should you do?

Naturally, the key to your online writing business being a success is making more sales. Whatever it is your selling, whether it’s your own products or someone else’s, you need to make sales.

Working online doesn’t have a regular weekly/monthly income like a 9-5 job.

Instead your income depends on many factors including:

  • Your niche
  • The products your selling
  • How well your website is laid out
  • Type of marketing
  • Quality of writing

And this list is only a small part of what will drive your sales.

So what does it take to sell more?

To make more sales you need to sell more.

This means selling more, as in having more things to sell, and selling more, as in doing more selling.

What it really comes down to is doing more selling. And that means marketing your products AND your website.

You see it’s no good trying to sell the same things to the same people over and over again. What you need is to create a bigger audience and this means getting more people to visit your website.

Likewise, it’s no good having just one product and trying to sell it to the same 100 people over and over again. Instead you need to increase how many things you sell as well as increase the number of people you’re selling to. That way you’ll be selling 50 products to 1,000 people, then 100 products to 10,000 people. You can never have too many things to sell or too many customers. This is why it’s imperative to get as many website visitors as you can – every day, every week, every year. Marketing your website should never stop.

It always surprises me how many people spend nearly all their time working on their website and writing content, yet very little time on marketing.

But the truth is that if no one knows your business is there, no one will come.

You need to go online and market your business as much as you can.

Make it your goal to do some sort of marketing every week.

Then when you have more time you can do adventurous types of marketing like creating a free product (eBook) to give away, writing guest blog posts or participating on a forum.

Just remember that sales are what keep your online writing business going. And because the income is irregular and you’ll go through times of financial feast and famine, you need to ensure that you keep your marketing machine running. Always.

Because the more people know about your online business and what you have to offer, the more money you’ll make.

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