Template Based Website – Pros and Cons

Template Based Website – Pros and Cons

For instance, if you see a website made on WordPress or Joomla, you can infer it to be a template-based website. In short, templates are predefined layouts, those which are not designed from scratch and are not unique.

Below mentioned are some Pros and Cons of a Template Based Website:

Pro – Extremely cost-effective
Their prime advantage is cost-effectiveness. Here we are not talking about the free ones that can be picked over from Web Monster or their likes. After all, they can only provide you with so much business. The idea is to use templates but in a way that makes your business grow. So, the next question in your mind must be- how to create such effective templates? If one knows the job at hand then it is actually a delight to make templates work as they are not at all cumbersome to handle.

Pro – Strong Product Management Software
First thing to understand about template is the form and structure. If you are looking for an ecommerce setup that sells products nationally or even internationally, you need to have an interwoven Product Management System. This can work just as well over a template as a customized website provided that that the back end coding is done with a lot of accent to the product cabinet. In other words, the product shelf has to be compartmentalized and made very easily searchable.

Con – Search Engine rankings
While we are using the word searchable, it is important to talk about the viability of search engine rankings. Truth be told, template-based websites aren’t naturally blessed with search engine rankings. A template can very easily be misunderstood by search engines and classified as a mirror page unless you ensure that all the content on your website is unique and developer credit links are removed (with his/her permission). Though you can get a template based website done at a very basic cost but ideally you should spend some money into three-way search engine marketing. As a first, organic SEO should be used to boost the rankings. A PPC or AdWords campaign shall be used alongside to motivate more niche traffic though sponsored listing. Also, Google Place Optimization for local audience should not be ignored either.

Templates do not provide you a lot of ground to play with on the visual meter but today, many dynamic templates styled in modern day aesthetics can be created.

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