Skateboarding Culture

Skateboarding culture has developed over the years, and is an extremely diverse fusion of surfing culture, punk culture, street culture, hip hop culture, and hard rock culture.

You can see all the different strands blend into what is a firmly entrenched skateboarding culture now. It has taken most of the cool elements from these genres and created its own identity.

Initially it relied heavily on surfing culture in the 1950`s and 60`s, due to the fact that skateboarding grew out of and from surfing. So it used many of the same slang terms, which are still used today, and the whole ethos was tied to the apron strings of surfing.

As punk culture grew, and skateboarding culture moved away from its roots to embrace this, skateboarding began to be seen as a rebel thing, and this was conveyed in its attitude and clothes. The punk influence is still there now, especially in the kind of t-shirts skaters wear.

As some punk morphed into hard rock forms this hard edge became noticeable.

More fusion came in when street culture embraced skateboarding, and so then you had the hip hop culture having a huge influence on it, from clothes, to how you wear your clothes, how you act and move. It is exciting to see all the different strands merge into this fantastic, strong identity that skateboarding now has.

Skateboarding culture is now a thriving and constantly evolving subculture, that has movement, clothes, music and attitude at the heart of it.

As music and clothes subtly change, then so do skateboarders looks change, although their identity now is an extremely strong look, and any changes from this will be a very gradual process.

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