Seven Tips to Engage Your Prospected Customers

How do you attract more customers? It’s one of the toughest challenges that every marketer has to face. If the prospects are not familiar with your brand, chances are they will not trust you. So what should you do to get their attention and establish a connection with your targeted customers? Here are seven effective tips to keep in mind:

1. Focus on value.

Offer the best quality products that truly benefit the consumers, and always aim to provide superior customer experience. Give them the right value of their money and people will cherish your company and will become loyal customers.

2. Evaluate the state of your customer service.

Around 70 percent of the customers say that customer service has either remained the same or gotten worse. With that in mind, you’ve to make sure to re-asses the current state of the quality of your customer service. Put in place a continuing training program to ensure a high level quality of your service.

3. Empower employees.

Keep your employees motivated and train them to provide first-contact resolution. Foster a spirit of teamwork in your customer service reps and sales people and keep them well-prepared.

4. Encourage feedback.

Know where and when you get it wrong by encouraging feedback from customers. Make it easy for them to reach you whenever they want to report a bad experience.

5. Engage them on social media.

80% of the consumers, according to a study, took their grievances to the court of public opinion, with about 20% of them using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to report their bad experience with a certain company. That said, utilize social media to your best advantage connecting with customers and managing your brand reputation.

6. Be proactive.

Exercise proactive communication with clients whether you’re receiving calls from them or cold-calling them. Be sensitive to whatever reasons they have for calling or declining your offer.

7. Don’t lose a customer.

The most important step is to never lose a customer. If it happens, always do your best to win them back. Use the experience and never burn bridges. Study shows that some customers who left are willing to do business with the company again when they see some effort to win them back.

Getting the attention of your prospects is one of the hardest things to do in marketing. Hopefully those tips above can help make things easier for you.

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