Securing Your Construction Investment

Protecting your construction site with a security presence can help prevent your site from experiencing vandalism or crime. Although most people do not think first of the vulnerable nature of open construction sites, with expensive tools and materials on location, many contractors, and workers on-site throughout the workday with the added complexity of multiple entries, criminals are drawn to these locations. It is imperative to be mindful of security risks for construction sites and be prepared and proactive while planning to manage the site.

Although criminals often use the dark of night to steal property and materials, without monitoring who is coming and going throughout the day can open a site to higher risks. There is a rationale for on-site security both during the day and after hours. Many construction companies seek a security specialist and find the budget to secure the site during the workday and overnight when areas are most vulnerable. Regardless of the location of your site, investing in the front end for security can save millions of dollars and valuable time needed for the successful completion of the project.

Security Guards Protect Your Materials

Anything left out in the open and easily accessible is a temptation for criminals to take. Criminals often steal materials or tools that can be removed from a construction site and resold quickly for cash or returned for store credit as gift cards at home improvement stores. An armed guard can be a deterrent for criminal activity and provide a professional and experienced approach to any circumstances that occur. Trained guards are specifically there to protect your investment and ensure property and materials are safeguarded.

At the highest risk are hand-held tools, construction equipment, lumber, brick, finishing materials, wiring, and even vehicles. Additionally, if a small office is on-site, computers and office equipment are also at risk.

The larger the construction site, the more materials likely to be on hand at any time. It is difficult to notice small amounts of materials that have been stolen until later in the construction process – by that time, the actual theft is far in the past and near impossible to recover. It is near impossible to secure everything that would be tempting to a criminal seeking to make some quick cash. Even if you could accomplish this, there is still the issue of vandalism.

Security presence is also a deterrent for anyone that might consider vandalizing property or materials on your site. Although not a direct loss of materials, the time and money required to remove or cover vandalism can impact a tight construction timeline. Again, in this situation, security can deter vandals from marking equipment or other property within the site boundaries.

Trained security professionals already know what to look for and how to handle any situation that comes up that may threaten your investment or workers. Security guards are also trained to act and protect in emergencies, minimizing disruption to the site and project and any liability from misusing the site.

Undergoing construction is a significant investment, regardless of how large a project is or how remote the location. Any open construction sites are at risk. Having a reputable security company provide you with trained and professional guards minimizes the chance of your site becoming a victim of crime or vandalism. Hiring capable and well-trained security guards allows construction managers peace of mind after hours and ensures theft and vandalism will not cause a delay in production.

A security specialist can help determine the best way to protect your investment during the workday and after-hours. Staffing security guards with experience on construction sites provide expertise and knowledge with trained eyes to see potential risks before they happen and the training to manage situations as they occur.

As large construction projects, such as malls, housing, and venue builds are underway, the question should not be IF there should be a security presence, but HOW MUCH of a security presence is required to protect the investment made to see the project through.

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