Sales Professional – The Right Person

“There never was a winner, who wasn’t a beginner.” – Denis Waitley

Two people have chosen the same motorway to race; they are driving the exact same model of sports cars, what is now the main factor that will decide who wins the race? The driver!

As much as choosing the right industry, the right company, the right products or services, the right sales job are important, the most important question to ask is, are you the right person? The right Sales Professional!

We have regularly heard the saying “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

What is your attitude in approaching your sales career

Who needs to take the most responsibility to ensure that you succeed in your sales career? Same answer, YOU! You have to drive your own results.

Sales is a profession, so you have to be professional in your approach. When you are new in this career, learn as much as you can. Read books, listen to audio CDs, watch videos on Sales techniques, Effective Sales communication, Sales Closing Strategies; attend Sales seminars and Sales training programs to increase your knowledge, practise to improve your skills and work to strengthen your mindset. Talk to Champion Sales Professionals in your company and within the industry; get a Sales Mentor, choose the right Team and have a great Sales buddy to stretch each other. All these will lay a solid foundation for your future.

Learn everything about the industry you are in, read widely about the history of the industry. Learn everything about the company from the company literature about the history of the company, technology and products; study in depth the products Features, Benefits and Values it create for your customers. Put in the hours, be the best you can be, give the best you can give so that you can earn the most you deserve.

To succeed, you need the fundamentals. Basics like goal setting, taking actions, cold calling, prospecting, presentations, handling objections, grooming, attending meetings, follow up, wise financial planning, time management, database management, relationship building, sales team leadership development, and the list goes on and on.

You need to stay positive regardless of situation, be enthusiastic sharing the benefits of the products and services you offer, build up your confidence all the time. Have an attitude of gratitude, be grateful to those who have helped you and those currently helping you. Have a healthy mindset; you will face a lot of objections and rejection, the ability to bounce back every day is important.

Even if you may have been a Sales Professional for many years, maintain the curiosity to learn more and keep an open mind. Every day in the world, new products are being created, new technology are being invented and new information around the world to be learned.

Be the right person, your success in Sales will follow!

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