Part Time and Full Time Entrepreneurs

Part Time and Full Time Entrepreneurs

Who doesn’t want to be the boss of his own company? But very few realize this dream. What is the reason behind it? Fear of failure is one of the biggest factors that don’t allow a person to turn entrepreneur. After all, we all have families to support, liabilities to shoulder and one misstep could result in problems created for them. And who wants to lead one’s family into trouble?

But despite all this, don’t you ever feel that you should start a business venture of your own without actually quitting your job. Your job provides you and your family security and safety but there is something that your heart wants and that could only be provided if you turn an entrepreneur. Job satisfaction is something that few care about but few could actually ignore its impact.

So, what needs to be done? What should be the course of action for you when you know you can’t possibly quit the job? Well, the answer is straight forward. You can easily take the route of part time business. But let me tell you one thing. The word ‘easily’ is just not suited for this scenario. Taking this decision could be a little bit easier than actual implementation of this idea. If you are really committed to turning a part time entrepreneur, then only you should venture into the field of part time entrepreneurship.

Well, you would have to spend more of your time working. You would have your regular job and you would also have your part time business to take care of. That is really time-taking.

Before you opt for part time entrepreneurship, I would like to give you a few suggestions. Hope it proves helpful.

The very first thing I would like to emphasize on would surely be your family. Always keep your family up dated about what you want to do. It is true that when your part time business becomes successful, you might think of quitting your regular job but until then you would be a lot busier and your family would have to support you in that period. You would have to convince them that it is for the good of all.

Always have a professional outlook with your part time business. Part time or full time, a business is always a business. So, even if you are conducting your part time business from home, you need to have a room that should be exclusive for your business activities. You would do well to have a separate phone and fax line for your business. The same goes with business license also.

If you plant a tree, do you get the fruit the same day? No, it takes time to bear fruit. Well, it is the same with part time business also. Be PATIENT. Be very realistic about your part time business. Any new business takes time to start running and it would be the same with yours also. Show patience during this initial transition phase.

I sincerely hope that you would take steps to fulfill your dreams of turning into an entrepreneur.

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