Miss Fortune – The Rockabilly Bombshell

The range of punk, rock n roll, and psychobilly clothing has never been greater than it is today. Seemingly, more designers are tuning in to the fact that a lot of people are daring to be different by wearing unusual and alternative clothing instead of the usual array of the same colours and identical designs. Some of the styling may be from the 1950s but the look is quite different and combines elements of horror movies, tattoo culture, and 1980s punk. If you want an unusual dress or a bright, colourful, and alternative skirt then such alternative clothing is the ideal choice.

Miss Fortune is one brand that is leading the charge in alternative clothing and has been since 2005 when it was first introduced. They cater for rockabilly, punk, and psychobilly men and women by providing a large catalogue of items including shoes, cardigans, tops, and even jeans. Perhaps among the most popular of all of the Miss Fortune items though is the selection of dresses that are available.

There are heavy nautical influences in some Miss Fortune dresses carrying the rockabilly theme forward. Reds, blues, and whites are very popular in these cases and when it comes to rock n roll style 1950s dresses you will find polka dots and leopard print all over. These come in a number of different colours as well as the more original gold and black leopard prints.

Varsity cardigans are another popular line of this brand. These are predominantly black in design but have white or red detailing depending on which cardigan you choose. Whether you lead the punk lifestyle or you enjoy wearing rockabilly clothing for a night out, Miss Fortune is one brand that you should definitely consider buying to give you the best look for your outfit.

So why is Miss Fortune one of the most unique and amazing rockabilly brands? Well a whole host of reasons, I’ll touch on just a few here, first of all, the clothes are stunning and they are great quality. The designs are incredible and unique, you won’t find any other rockabilly clothing like the clothes from this brand. Seriously I can’t tell you enough the wonderful designs you’ll find from Miss Fortune, plenty of anchors from her nautical range, plenty of cherries and petticoats. Is that not enough? Well her prices are great and very affordable considering the quality of the garments and the originality of the designs.

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