Irony Of The Call Center Life

Working in an American company as a call center representative is a fun journey for me. Aside from the fact that I am being paid fairly, I also got to learn the culture from another side of the world. Patience is one main thing that has improved a lot since I got this job. I can give apologies to troubles that are not my doing, and can say “it’s okay” when I don’t even know what’s going on in the first place.

People may think that my job is easy because I am working in a huge, well-furnished building, with four body guards working within my shift. I also have a lot of people cleaning the building for me. What can be more enjoyable than working while all of the people in my country are sleeping, and I sleep when all of them are awake? You will hear a lot of cursing, and then be ecstatic after a very challenging and tedious conversation with a person who does not have the money to pay the bills, but wants to keep the services working.

I learned to adjust with the American culture. Americans are very insensitive with how they position their thoughts, but I need to be very careful with my statements because they are easily offended. Being a call center agent is like having a degree of psychiatry since you really need to have a lot of pacifying tactics to make it through your 8-hour shift every single day.

My ears are immune to cursing from people whose bills have increased $0.03, shouting as if their world will end. I am not trying to make the image of my customer’s bad. I am just sharing the reality, the fun, and the challenges of my “job”. After all, the American company is paying me fairly for my hard work.

Aside from the challenges, I gained a lot from my call center job experience. First, is dealing with different type of people who are in different type of situations. You don’t generalize, you don’t follow one approach. You need to be very creative, sensitive, and quick with giving resolution to the problems. To be successful in the job, you need to be tough and kind, considerate, but firm.

It’s normal to feel like giving up. What’s important is the realization that being a coward is not the real solution. You need to bravely face the challenges, and embrace the reality that life is worthless without challenges and pain. I am proud to say that I love my call center job.

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