How to Seduce Women Smoothly – Like James Bond

Have you ever felt scared or anxious when you’ve approached a woman or felt this way at even just the thought of talking to a woman? Well, you’re not the only man who has ever felt this way. However, there is a way to not feel this way again in the presence of a woman. Read on to discover the seduction secrets on attracting women effectively and naturally…just like James Bond!

How To Seduce Women Smoothly – Like James Bond

Tactic 1: Manipulate Her Emotions – Emotions are an easy spot for anyone because they are a “trigger”. A woman that doesn’t know you will not want to spend more time with you if you don’t trigger some type of emotion within her.

Once you’ve done that, through a personal story or just your winning personality, you’ll be able to not only win her attention but her attention as well.

Tactic 2: Manage Rejection – Some men can be very confident and walk up to a woman without even so much as a thought of being rejected by her. However, rejection very well may happen to you.

You must manage rejection by not fearing it all, and open to the possibility of getting rejected. When you do, you must be able to get back up and try again, and not be afraid of what may happen after you speak to the next woman. If you can actually laugh at yourself and not take the rejection too seriously, your self-confidence will show, and you’ll be bound to get a beautiful date by the end of the evening.

Tactic 3: Hypnosis – Keeping her interested can be achieved in many ways, but there is one surefire way that some have said that is most successful. This tactic is called fractionation.

Fractionation is hypnosis through controlling someone’s emotions. It’s actually used in the area of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Through you talking to her, she will eventually become so attracted to you and the sound of your voice, that she will melt in your arms. You should definitely be very cautious when attempting to apply fractionation – because it has the potential of turning any emotionally healthy women into potential stalkers.

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