How to Hang Posters and Store Signage on a Budget!

It’s a fairly safe bet to say that most stores display posters, whether in their window displays or mounted on their walls. These posters are one of the best ways to get customer attention and inform them of a multitude of information in the process. I know that if I see a sign in the window of a store I like saying “Clearance, all Clothes 50% Off!” I’m making a beeline right for those bins to see what goodies they have in there. If the stores are a part of a large chain, there is a chance that they’re getting all of their signage and other equipment from the home or regional office. But smaller stores, places that only have few locations or are family owned and operated, may not have the luxury of a higher up office sending them all of the pre-printed posters and tools. So they’re on their own to come up with their custom designed posters and to find the right way to display them as well. I believe that this is great for the stores; it means they can come up with an advertisement that’s been designed to their exact specifications to fulfill their needs. These days, however, budget is always a concern. Custom printing can run up a bill quickly. Why not try then to find supplies, like hanging frames and poster mounts, at a more affordable price in order to keep the business’ marketing budget exactly where it should be? Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive indoor hangers for stores and companies to choose from to accomplish that goal.

If you’re looking for the cheapest style of poster display around, then take a look at plastic poster rail hangers. They’re pretty much exactly as it says on the tin – two plastic rails that clamp around the top and bottom edges of a poster. They’re lightweight but strong, and gravity helps to keep the poster taut while hanging. With these rails and the right hardware (usually cords, chains, or suction cups), you’ve got the option of displaying them in a multitude of ways. Mount them directly on windows, or hang them from the ceiling to make a double-sided display. Many types of these plastic poster rails are priced for under $10.00 a set, making them great for bulk orders. If you want to set up signage around your entire store, not just a singular sign in the front window or door of an establishment, then these rails are the supply for you. There are similar poster rails available that are made out of metal for a more upscale look as well. No matter which model you choose, the price is affordable. The only thing in regards to these poster rails is that your poster is not protected from potential damage. Dust and sunlight could potentially fade your images depending on where they’re set up in the store, and there’s always the possibility of a holiday accident (if you’re in a mall in December, things happen. Best to be prepared).

A sturdier choice that still has the unique hanging feature of the poster rails is a ceiling hanging acrylic frame. These are a little more expensive than the poster rails above, yet still well within the range of affordable. The rectangular frames are made from clear acrylic, which helps to keep the images protected from sun and possible disturbance. There’s usually just one slot on the top to slide posters in and out of the frame which makes for easy image changes that you may not even have to take the frame down in order to accomplish. Given that the frame is entirely clear, these frames can also make convenient dual-sided displays as well as a one-sided against the wall hanging frame. Just insert two posters back to back, and you’re set. Many times the singular frames come with the needed hardware to hang the frames from the ceiling, however extra frames (that are still inexpensive!) can be bought in order to expand into an entire exhibit or to combine multiple sizes in one display.

For a different sort of window display, check out suction cup poster frames. Unlike the two previous choices, these frames were designed specifically to attach right onto a window pane. The images and posters inside the frames are kept safe behind acrylic panels, and can be easily unscrewed to change and update the contained pictures. What’s nice about these displays is that the poster frames have a more decorative appearance. They can be found in a number of colors, like red and black, to give your advertisement that little extra attraction. While the prices on these suction cup holders vary depending on color and size, the cost is in the same general range as the other categories. One note, however: because these frames were designed specifically for windows they are slightly limited. They can only hang from windows, while the other styles listed above can be used in at least two different ways.

If you’re looking for a display that’s geared specifically for wall-mounting, you really can’t go wrong with the classic snap frame. This standard rectangular shape is pretty much the first one that comes to mind when people think of a poster frame. Oftentimes there is a PVC anti-glare lens to protect your posters, and the metal frames are designed to be long lasting. You wouldn’t have to remove the frame from the wall to update images (a necessity when it comes time for those clearance sales!), and they can usually be found in a wide range of colors and sizes. One way that this option wins out over the other three listed here is that snap frames are the only picture frames here that have been outdoor rated. While the others do keep your images protected, they are not waterproof. Certain snap frames have built in gaskets that stop water from sneaking in through the frames and keep your images nice and dry. Price-wise, these frames are pretty much in the same ballpark as the hanging acrylic frames. They’re a little more expensive than the plastic poster rails, but still easily affordable for stores and other establishments looking to create signage schemes.

It shouldn’t cost you and your store a fortune to hang signage up, especially this time of year. So no matter what size your budget is, or how many signs you want to put up in your store, you’ve got more options than you think. These frames will let you set up your signs exactly as you want them, and all for a price that’s incredibly reasonable.

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