How to Find the Right Apparel Sourcing Agent?

Exporters have a sound knowledge of both- western culture and business, they are concerned about quality issues, and understand the value of delivering products on time. Besides this, they believe in maintaining long-term relationships, language is not a barrier as English is widely spoken, and also labor is quite cheap which reduces the overall production cost. And there is no dearth of global sourcing companies but finding the right apparel sourcing agent can be a challenge.

Before you finalize one, make sure he fulfills the following criteria:

1. Expert in Sourcing

Whether you are choosing an agent or buying agency to procure goods from another country, it is important to know the background by analyzing the number of years or tenure in the business. You can check testimonials if available on the internet to make sure:

  • The agent or agency has been delivering quality products
  • Has a rich expertise in handling different sorts of buyers
  • They hold a good reputation in the market

If you have trouble locating a good agent, a good idea is to visit trade shows. You will be able to meet a lot of them in person, understand their company profile, and other relevant business information.

2. Offer Competitive Prices

While quality is a major concern for every buyer and is also the biggest deciding factor when finding a good agent, you need to also ensure that you are sourcing products at best prices. Good and popular sourcing agents have a pool of suppliers for every product category like clothing, jewelry, leather products, accessories, etc. So, they can help you find a proper-fit for your line of business. Also, they know how to negotiate with the suppliers and will help you in getting great quality products at lowest prices.

3. Have a Strong Logistic Support

An agency which is able to manage shipments efficiently and deliver them within the specified timelines is the right choice for your business. Apart from this, it also ensures only quality approved goods are packed and shipping costs are optimized.


Working with a seasoned and the right buying agency can be beneficial for your business. From lower production costs to great quality products, you can expect perfection at all levels with reduced efforts and in lesser time. When an agent or agency works for you, they take care of currency issues, inspect factories to ensure ethical practices are followed and verify finished goods before they are shipped.

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