How Branding Is The Ultimate Self Defence Technique

So what’s the difference between branding, martial arts and real street fighting?

Simply put, branding is influencing.

The goal of branding is to position yourself in such a way that your opponent feels he is smothered and can’t move anyway except backwards. Even though he has the irresistible urge not to so. That brand is called YOU. Feel confused? Please let me explain.

You must first build your own personal brand taking your skills, your personality, and the unique characteristics of your fighting style and package them into a powerful system that will deter or defeat anyone who dares to attack you.

As we said at the start today branding comes first why? Well the real fact is that nothing happens until you develop your own personal brand. When your personal brand is crafted correctly any attack can be defeated virtually without effort.

But there’s one factor more important than your techniques and even your skills. It’s your mindset. You see, having the right frame of mind in a stressful situation such as, a violent attack will bring you more victories than your ability. Having the will to win at all costs no matter what it takes is paramount if you want victory over a violent drug-crazed monster.

This type of personal branding is called differentiation and is the critical key to winning. As well as making you stand out above the crowd. Moreover, the process of developing a personal brand is simply linking who you are with what you do in any given situation.

Did you realise your personal image is what your attacker instantly see, hear and feel, or perceive at a glance when he’s looking for his next victim. At the same time, your personal brand is what the attacker thinks of you before he makes his move.

Personal Branding Is The New Self Defence Currency.

You already know the expression; you can only make one first impression but is it true? After all, it may be you have shown no will to fight, or just have a passive attitude towards your attacker. Only before the fight starts of course. In other words, if you have no other choice and have to fight then you become the predator you change into a roaring lion and your win at all costs

mindset takes over. Turn the tables on the attacker he’s now the victim.

This is your branding strategy so that when the going gets tough you’re red hot and you’re ready to communicate to him your own personal brand of combat. Winning. Bam, Bam, Bam.

Why build your brand around you? Look at it this way, we live in a violent culture-a culture that doesn’t want to be told anything, rather people want to do what they want no matter how they behave and with scant regard for their fellow man. The truth is it’s become a more violent society so it’s important you don’t become the next victim.

In short, when you craft your personal brand correctly, you won’t just be another police statistic because you’ll win every fight virtually without effort. Best of all, your attacker won’t even know what hit him. If muck hits the fan you’re ready to face and deal with it.

How Do You Become Good at Self-Defence?

All things being equal if you hit first pre-emptively you’ll win. So don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back. In personal branding, there’s one factor more important than your techniques, your procedures or your resources, and even your skills, it’s your personal technique, your one or two main favourite and practised techniques will bring you more success than learning

hundreds of techniques that will not.

Remember, to use only your personal best techniques the ones you know actually work. Although, what works for you may not work for everyone make your brand a unique combination of strategy, speed, power and 100% commitment. Unlock the hidden secret of real self-defence which is you have to be first, furious and above all finale. Then leave.

Make Your Branding Everlasting.

Just as branding is all about training in just one or two effective moves and getting good at them. The chosen techniques still have to be good enough to inflict pain and hurt so that you can put your attacker down and out in quick order.

Two final points, select your chosen techniques carefully. Study them, perfect them use only proven, simple and effective techniques and introduce your attacker to your own personal branding.

Branding should be the cornerstone of your training because it is an important part of real world self defence which is defeating an attacker. Therefore, it is a critical key to success in a violent confrontation.

Here’s to your commitment to PERSONAL BRANDING and a safe future.

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