Greek Apparel Facts

Many people wear Greek clothing but they do not necessarily know what the clothing they wear signifies. While many people wear Greek clothes because they are part of a fraternity, sorority or the symbol is something that they saw in a movie, most don’t know what the meaning of the letters are or when it is appropriate or when not to wear these items. Here is some information that may help you learn how to wear your Greek clothing the way that is honorable and expected.

Most every American college has a Greek house that uses Greek apparel and clothing. The Greek clothes feature the letters from the Greek alphabet that students wear to show which house they belong to.

Greek clothing’s original function was to show unity in a sorority or fraternity and distinguish one group from the next. Regardless of the colors used, the letters on a Greek hoodie or piece of clothing is what distinguishes a person as part of the Greek house. Greek apparel is also used to show pride in the house a person has chosen. Not only does it distinguish one from other fraternities and sororities but from other groups as well.

Sorority clothing is specifically designed to show off personal style within the sorority. Sisters are allowed to stylize their Greek apparel using rhinestones, glitter lettering, and a variety of colors and styles such as hoodies over a traditional sweatshirt.

Many Greek houses require members to wear their Greek clothing a specific number of days a week. This is to instill that unity is most important is a core value. During Rush, students wanting to get into a fraternity or sorority are required to wear their Greek clothing at all times until they are chosen or denied membership into the Greek house.

There is a wide range of Greek apparel for every purpose. Not everyone feels like showing off their Greek pride all the time; therefore, you can purchase everything from jackets, hoodies, shirts, pajamas, under garments, hats, caps, purses, and bags. If you would prefer to show off your Greek pride without having to wear your letters, you can also purchase other Greek apparel such as throw pillows, key chains, shower curtains, and car decals and stickers.

Before Greek clothing became popular through movies and television, only members and alumni were allowed to purchase official Greek apparel. It had to be bought through the fraternity or sorority house. Now that Greek clothing has become a popular fashion trend, you can purchase Greek apparel almost anywhere online, in stores, and on college campuses.

Many alumni of Greek fraternities and sororities like to show their continued pride in their chosen Greek house by wearing their Greek letters on their clothing. Often times, families that have a tradition of being a member of a specific sorority or fraternity will also purchase clothing for their pets, children, friends, and family. Their homes also have Greek gear that displays their Greek pride like pillows, blankets, and bathroom decor.

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