Friendship: An Unbreakable Bond Between Two True Friends

What is friendship? It could signify a special platonic bond between two people. Friendship could mean many things. It is doing things together; sharing a secret, laughing at some corny joke, texting just to say “Hi”, or someone calling to find out how you are, and leaving a slice of pie or a piece of chocolate because you were not there at the party.

Friendship can blossom and continue for a lifetime. You can be childhood friends and at some point in your life, your best friend relocates, and you lost contact. As a child, you may feel the pangs of a lost playmate. You get over your sadness after a few days and find new friends again.

As you grow older, you may realize the value of friendship. You need good friends to talk about your problems and share your happiness, too. You want someone present in your life who can be your real best friend in all good times and bad times of your life.

Today, it could be a bit hard to find a true friend. Of course, you have your family as the closest circle of friends. Somehow, you may have to step out of your personal comfort zone and seek someone else who could be your potential friend for life. So how do you start this kind of friendship?

You can find friends in your vicinity, in school and at work. You start making friends because you are together with these people and so you learn something about each other. You choose your friends based on similar likes and dislikes, and simply because you enjoy a good bond and great conversation. In addition, you are looking for thoughtful friends who are concerned about you; and as a friend, you would care just as much, too.

Keep in mind that friendship is a worthy investment. It may not be a financial investment, but rather it is a great investment on relationships. You make it worthwhile by making friends, by being a friend to someone and then creating opportunity to work on this relationship.

There are many good character traits of a true friend. Somehow, keep the most important factors close to your heart. You could never go wrong when friends have these traits in their personas.

For one, a true friend is around to help you at your lowest situation. This is someone you can call when you are in trouble or someone you can rely on for help during tough times. Once you call, your friend comes and is at your side at once.

Secondly, a true friend is somebody who gives you emotional or physical support. This person is someone you can trust with your personal problems, a shoulder to cry on and someone who would simply listen and not judge you. This true friend encourages you, and provides moral support to resolve your problems.

Furthermore, a true friend is somebody who will fight to defend you. Your friend has your back and have you covered from harm. If an ugly gossip about you reaches your friend, you can expect a well-prepared attack; heated discussions, arguments and to some extent, things can get physical. Hopefully, there would be no hair-pulling and other similar defensive reactions.

In addition, a true friend commits to helping you grow spiritually and makes a better person of you. A real friend completes you and helps you grow. In return, you perfectly compliment one another.

Everyone must try hard to be a true friend because by being one you will possibly gain great friends. You can be a true friend since it is within your control; you choose to connect and build unbreakable bonds of friendship with someone who cares for you and loves you, no matter what happens.

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