Essence of a Successful Logo

Every business owner dreams of creating a unique brand identity i.e. the logo. Many of them leave no stone unturned to hire top notch designers so as to achieve results of the highest quality. But in spite of all these efforts, your logo might fail to make a mark. The reason… your lack of participation.

Many business owners fail to realize the value of their feedback and participation in the designing process. There are three basic rules to creating a successful logo and memorable corporate identity.

KISS the logo: Surprised? Well, the first and foremost thing to remember is to keep the logo absolutely simple, thus referring to the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!). Simple logos are easily comprehensible and linger on people’s mind for long. A remarkable thing about good logo designers is that they spend 1/4th of their time creating a logo concept and another 1/4th in simplifying the same logo from its present complex form. A good example would be the logo of Microsoft or Sony which is nothing but simple text with style (italics for Microsoft) variations. What makes them unique and recognizable is the wise use of typeface.

Proper Choice of Colors: Every industry is symbolized by a particular color. A fruit juice company can be represented by the colors of fruits like oranges while the logo of a gardening business can be drawn in fresh green color. Besides, the colors you choose will also be used on your business cards, letterheads, and other media of corporate identity. So choose only those colors that would go well with every section of your corporate identity.

Allow Flexibility in your logo: A good logo design is always flexible so that it could be reproduced not only in multi-colors but also in black & white version. Flexibility is desired because the logo might not turn out quite well in every media. Hence, the logo should be scalable to look great in all sizes.

Wrapping things up, you should remember that your logo design mirrors who you are and what you do. Hence, there should be no compromise with its design. A logo should send the right message across to its customers. Therein lies the essence of a successful logo.

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