Close More Sales With Killer Testimonials

Close More Sales With Killer Testimonials

Every sales process should have testimonials to build trust with a prospect.There is no doubt that powerful testimonials from previous or existing customers will boost your chances of converting new sales because testimonials connect with the natural human desire to find consensus before making a purchase. Most people are followers and before deciding to make a purchase, people love to comfort themselves that they are making the correct decision by researching what others are saying about the product or service that you are offering.

3 Types of Testimonials

Written testimonials
Audio testimonials
Video testimonials.

Nail these 3 types of testimonials and you will increase your sales. Prepare to delve deeper into each of these testimonials.

Written Testimonials

Written testimonials are the least effective of the three types. This is because there is not a lot of trust that can be built as new age consumers are more savvy than they were previously and realize that written testimonials can be fake. Therefore because scammers use fake written testimonials as a sales conversion technique to profiteer from selling bad products or services to customers, genuine ethical marketers suffer as well. Thus the need arises for a different type of testimonial.

Audio Testimonials

Audio testimonials are better than written as there is a genuine human voice that can be heard. Your prospect can also hear the emotions in your satisfied customers voice. If those emotions are positive, which they should be than your prospect attributes these positive emotions to your service or product. Your prospect can imagine themselves being in the same position as your satisfied customer for whom you have solved a problem.

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are the best type of testimonial that you can acquire from a satisfied customer. This is because your prospect can now not only hear but also see your customers. Your prospect can also see and hear the emotions that your satisfied customers are experiencing when they are talking about your service or product. This builds trust between you and your prospect. Therefore bringing them closer in buying your service or product.

Bonus Super Tactic

Get awesome results by using this simple template when acquiring testimonials to use in your sales process. Ask your customers the following 3 questions to get killer results.

What was life, like before using your service or product?

What is life, like now using your product or service?

What will life, be like in 12 months and beyond using your product or service?

These 3 questions create a big brighter future for your prospects. Your prospects can see and hear how your product or service has added value to the life of your satisfied customers and your prospects will imagine the same transformation in their lives. Thus building trust and bringing them a step closer in buying from you.

What if the prospect does not buy?

Well you have built trust and can now enjoy building a relationship with your new prospect and you never know this prospect can turn into a life-long customer.


Do what ever it takes to acquire killer testimonials from satisfied customers, especially video testimonials. Try to gather these testimonials when your customers emotions are highest, which is when they are using your service and product and it is adding value to their lives. Happy testimonial hunting.

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