Can eCommerce Development Companies Help To Make An Online Store? Secrets For Mobile User Experience

Can eCommerce Development Companies Help To Make An Online Store? Secrets For Mobile User Experience

It has become mandatory for web design companies and developers to create and adopt a mobile-friendly design while creating websites which would help them cater the needs of mobile audience too along with desktop users. However a responsive layout is not enough for catering the mobile user requirements, the site should be comprised of an attractive user interface along with an impressive content. User experience in the mobile site matters a lot in attracting mobile customers towards the online stores.

It relies more on the mindset of the mobile users. Developers and web designers will have to understand the user’s mindset and then optimize the website to provide the most pleasant experience for them. Even clients are nowadays considering the mobile UX optimization as a key criterion to test your efficiency if you are a developer or web designer.

Let’s take a close look at some of the top solutions to improve mobile user experience in your online store.

A smooth and visible customer journey within the site

Ensure the customers have a very smooth and simple experience whenever they land on your online store. Things they might be looking for should be visible clearly instead of including the information within any drop-down menus that might lead to confusion and unnecessary time consumption as far as the customers are concerned. A user-friendly experience with everything available within their fingertips can obviously attract more customers towards your online store for making future purchases if any. Sufficient space has to be provided within the call to action buttons, otherwise users may click on some other option instead of the desired one and land to another page that might not be relevant for them. The content should be easy to read and easy to click within the screen size of the mobile device.

Other things to consider include,

  • Consider including icon based menus that are vertically placed so as to avoid longer scrolling that might irritate the customers.
  • Include stacked tabs with headings which would expand whenever a user clicks on it. It also makes the web page look more structured and neat.

Useful tools to analyze user experience in Mobile Site

Provide an experience that is pleasant instead of experiences that are not satisfactory for your clients and customers. Therefore, it is desirable to analyze your mobile site and fix any user experience issues so as to avoid any future issues.

Below are some of the tools that will help improve mobile user experience for the clients.

Page Speed Insights Tool – This tool from Google allows developers to get a closer insight so as to deliver enhanced mobile user experience for the customers. The main objective of this tool is to improve the speed of the web page and thereby offer a seamless browsing experience for the users.

User Experience Beta – This is another tool which is available within the results page of Page Speed Insights that provide you guidelines to fix any user experience issues.

Seek Feedback from your Customers

Customer feedback is very important in understanding the customer experience for your mobile site and fixing those issues right on time. This can be done by including a ‘Leave Feedback’ page wherein customers can express their opinions and feedbacks about the website experience they had on your online store. Another way is to sort the list of customers who repeatedly visits your website and make purchases. Once the list is ready, you can email them asking for valuable feedbacks if any that might help you improve the user experience in the mobile site.

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