Bulk SMS Marketing Tips You Need for Brand Awareness

Bulk SMS Marketing Tips You Need for Brand Awareness

Bulk SMS still remains one of the most significant ways of digital marketing for any major or growing brand. The multiple benefits that it can provide make its popularity obvious among the marketers. You can easily measure and track the results, and the costs that you incur for such Promotional SMS is half of that of other ways of marketing. If you still have not jumped in the bandwagon of bulk SMS, now is the right time. Here are a few tips on how you can use bulk SMS services for increasing your brand awareness in the market.

1. Start with a reliable marketing list

The first consideration for any Bulk SMS service Provider is the target audience. Make a list of contacts that have the names of all your past, present, and potential customers. Keep in mind that only the right message to the right person is going to bring you the results you desire. Even the best Promotional SMS to the wrong person seems like spam, and you will be losing customers instead of gaining new ones.

2. Offer value for customer’s time

Every Transactional SMS that you send must offer value for money. Your customers must not complain that you are providing offers that they can easily avail somewhere else. Frivolous messages end up annoying the customers, and they will rather prefer to opt out of your business. Track the SMSs you are sending to know if you are at all offering value for money to the customers. Check the number of people that are following your call to action.

3. Take a personal approach

An experienced Bulk SMS Service Provider will always advice you to take a personal approach when addressing your customers. Rather than addressing them as ‘customer,’ use their name when sending the messages to them. This will help you form a friendly association with your customers. This personal approach is a way to make the customers feel valued and increase their brand loyalty. Come to the point quickly within those 160 characters but take care not to be too direct and present yourself in a catchy and attractive manner.

4. Time the SMS rightfully

Following the right timing improves the chances of the customers to read the Transactional SMS. You will understand the proper timings through some trial and error though there are some general guidelines that you can start with. Weekends are a good time to send bulk SMS as your customers will have free time actually to see the message and not get irritated by it. Messages better not be sent too late or early in the day. A clever trick that many brands apply is setting triggers for their customers which will make them receive the messages after particular actions.

5. A strong call to action

A call to action needs to be strong but brief. It should have clear instructions about what you want the customers to do. Putting in too many jargons and complicated instructions mean that the customer is less likely to follow through. A sense of urgency always works in a call to action. For instance, if you are offering a coupon, mention the expiry date of the offer or that it is for a limited period. Do not forget to include a way to contact you in the call to action.

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