5 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Ecommerce Website

5 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Ecommerce Website

Looking to start an eCommerce website? Trying to grow one that you’ve already established? Avoid these five mistakes.

1. Not Going Organic

Whether you like it or not, SEO is going to be a big part of your online store’s success. Learn the ins-and-outs of tagging your images correctly, coming up with descriptive titles, using keywords, and so on. It will make a huge difference in the growth and success of your store.

2. Being A Silent Storekeeper

When a person visits your online store, they should instantly see two things: a phone number they can call if they have questions and an email they can message when they ultimately decide they don’t want to speak on the phone! Having your customer service department easy to reach will add credibility to your store and help keep people on the site when they otherwise would have left. Don’t be a silent storekeeper.

3. Poor Organization

Whether you have a big catalog or a small catalog, you need to make sure products are displayed with big, high-quality images and that they are organized appropriately. Small shops might start with a one-page layout but, no matter what, you have to feature products on the front page if you want to optimize your website for conversions.

4. Slow Design

No one is going to stick around and browse on a site that takes forever to load, but that’s often the case with eCommerce websites. You will be uploading a lot large, high-quality images for the products you put on display, so you need to use the appropriate image crunching and hosting service to keep your site speedy.

A website-wide cache will also help keep things loading quickly so that your customers aren’t waiting around for your products to show up on their screen.

5. Mobile Unfriendly

Did you know that 70% of mobile searches convert within an hour? That means, if a mobile user comes to your website and your site isn’t ready for mobile users, they are simply going to leave and try a competitor’s website instead. Don’t think they’re going to go through the trouble of getting onto a desktop that might work with your site.

You have to be ready when your customers are, and that takes having a mobile friendly website to help increase conversions. Make sure to test your website on all sorts of devices to help stop bounces resulting from a poor website design.

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